Breaking the stigma: De-stigmatising STIs

As a society, we are slowly talking about sex more openly. Dismantling the taboo of sex is definitely a good thing as it allows us to feel more comfortable when talking about our sexual needs with a potential partner. However, the conversation changes when the subject of sexual transmitted infections (STIs) comes up.

Unsurprisingly, as a nation we are still uncomfortable with discussing STIs. After the AIDs epidemic of the 90s, many people still feel afraid of the reaction to an STI diagnosis.

How to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern during exam season

If you’re anything like me, bedtime is the most exciting time of the day. I can’t wait to go to sleep as soon as I wake up most days to be honest! But in times of stress, deadlines and exams, many people notice that their sleep schedules suffer more than any other part of their life.

It seems that we all compromise our sleep first when scrambling to meet deadlines, often pulling all-nighters studying or writing essays. However, in times of high stress, studies have proven that the worst thing w

FEATURE: University party culture: does student life promote drug abuse?

Flat parties, student nights, and even society socials all seem based around one thing: alcohol. With many aspects of student life being centred around being drunk, and many students experiencing big life changes, are other substances such as illegal drugs promoted to those most vulnerable?

Alcohol is a big part of the university experience for most. With University being many students’ first time living away from home, the first experience of complete freedom, and being of legal age to drink,

Breaking the Stigma: Fast fashion doesn’t make you ignorant

The ideas of up-cycling and thrifting have been around for years. However, the recent increase of awareness surrounding issues such as global warming and air pollution has seen a sharp rise in the popularity of turning away from fast fashion.

Many shoppers now opt to invest in pieces with more longevity- thus reducing waste. Whilst the theory of abandoning fast fashion for more sustainable options is one that most people can get behind, the practicality of the practice is much more complex.


The downfall of Twitter?

17th November 2022, saw #RIPTwitter trending, less than a month after multi-billionaire Elon Musk finalised his acquisition of the social media site. The successful businessman decided to make some seismic changes to the way the platform is run. Many have said this is the end of the social media outlet as we know it.

Famously, Twitter has been a politically fuelled site that allows people to express their views freely, as long as they’re in no way offensive. Under the previous owners, political

FEATURE: The importance of talking about body dysmorphia in men (TRIGGER WARNING)

CONTENT WARNING: This article mentions body dysmorphia, anorexia, bulimia and references other mental health conditions which could be triggering for some readers. Organisations and helplines for advice and support can be found linked at the end of the article.

In recent years, movements to raise awareness for men’s mental health have been gradually on the rise. Charities such as ‘CALM’ and ‘ManUp’ have provided invaluably useful information and support surrounding male mental health, and Novem

OPINION FEATURE: Is Rishi Sunak's time in office a threat to members of the LGBTQ+ community?

In recent months, Britain has seen cosmic shifts in the leadership of the Conservative party, with the most recent being the ascension of Rishi Sunak – the UK’s third Prime Minister of the year.

Whilst most Brits cry out for stability in the government and want the Prime Minister title to remain in one place for a while, others fear that Sunak’s reign throws their rights into jeopardy.

Whilst Sunak’s opinions on LGBTQ+ rights have not been confirmed, as he has consistently been absent for vote

OPINION FEATURE: Is protesting the monarchy a breach of peace or a breach of speech?

Usually, raising an opinionated sign in Britain wouldn't get you into any type of legal woe unless it was deemed an unlawful hate crime.

This is a privilege most Britons are incredibly grateful for and undoubtedly a positive aspect of the democracy we live in, one that not all nations are afforded. Unfortunately, this liberty has been thrown into question recently as anti-royalist protesters have seen harsh consequences for demonstrating their views during royal proceedings.

This month we have

Too Much for Tickets?

Early October 2022 saw the anticipated release of the Glastonbury 2023 ticket prices and many music lovers were not happy about the sharp increase in them. The rising cost of living, alarming rates of unemployment, and the number of people living in poverty have led us all to question: is this price for live music really worth it?

The General Admission price for the 5-day festival in 2023 totals at £340 – for the ticket alone. This is £70 more than the General Admission price back in 2020 and h

Girl code – Guide to a girls’ night out

False lashes stuck to your cheek, a half-eaten doner kebab lying next to you, and a nasty

thump in your head reminiscent of the beat from the club music last night. How did you get

It started at the pre-drinks with your besties. The empty bottles of Echo Falls are still littered on the kitchen table as damning evidence of your now regretful choices. Laughing and joking whilst chugging rosé and doing shots of Apple Sourz so you don’t have to spend as much in the club.

You touch up each other’s